County Delegate

The County Constitution states:


4. State and County Delegates shall be elected at each caucus to represent the precinct at the respective state and county conventions. Alternate delegates may be elected. If any precinct fails to elect sufficient delegates to the county convention, the County Executive Committee may designate delegates to the state or county conventions from qualified members residing in the precinct.


1.1. Nominating Conventions:

  1. The Party shall nominate candidates for partisan offices by nominating convention and primary election.
  2. Nominating conventions shall be held in even-numbered years after the party caucuses.
  3. County and state delegates elected at precinct caucuses shall be notified of a county nominating convention at least two (2) weeks before the convention by one (1) of the following methods: phone call, email, text message, mail, fax, posted on the internet or posted in local newsprint.
  4. A candidate for an office that receives 60% or more of the votes cast at any point in the balloting process at the nominating conventions shall become the Party’s candidate without the necessity of running in a primary election.
  5. The secretary shall certify to the county clerk the names of the Party’s nominees within one week of the convention.
  6. When two candidates are nominated by the county nominating convention for the same office, both candidates shall run in a primary election, in accordance with the Utah Code. 3. The number of delegates to the county convention shall be set by the County Central Committee. The county convention delegates shall be chosen at the precinct caucus meetings. Delegates shall be apportioned based upon the same calculations as listed above as defined in the State Party Constitution.
  7. At the time and place set for the county convention, the name of each person who has filed a declaration of candidacy may be placed in nomination for the office for which the declaration was filed.
  8. Following the nominating and acceptance speeches made on behalf of the candidates for office, the county delegates shall vote. The county convention shall provide time and voting facilities so that all county delegates may vote. Where there is an incumbent and more than one challenger, the order of presentation of the challengers shall be determined by random drawing.
  9. Nomination of Legislative Candidates. When the boundaries of either the Utah House or Utah Senate districts are identical or completely within the boundaries of the county, the candidates shall be chosen at the county nominating convention by the county delegates from within the legislative district. If a house or senate legislative district encompasses more than one county, the candidates shall be chosen at the state nominating convention by the state delegates from within the legislative district county, the candidates shall be chosen at the state nominating convention by the state delegates from within the legislative district

Duties of a County Delegate:

  • The Republican Party must have your name, phone number, mailing/physical address and email
  • Receive communication from the Summit County GOP, elected officials and candidates
  • The term of service shall be 2 years (If you move or change address you must inform the Summit County GOP Executive Committee)
  • Attend and participate in the Summit County Convention in even years to choose the Party's nominees for elected office
    • Assessor, Attorney, Auditor, Clerk, Council, Recorder, Sheriff and Treasurer
  • Educate yourself about all the candidates (Attend meetings, become acquainted, receive mailings, calls, invitations and emails)