County Party Chair

The County Constitution states:

County Party Chair - shall serve as the chief executive officer of the County Party and as Chair of the County Central Committee. The term of office shall be two years


            The County Party Chair is the presiding officer of the county Republican Party and is responsible for organizing and strengthening the Party at the county level. The County Chair oversees all of the Republican Party activities within Summit County. The role should not be taken lightly nor should the person who assumes this role underestimate its importance. The County Chair is the most contacted person in the County Republican Party. The County Party Chair is the face of the party and should provide vision and leadership for the strategic direction of the party. The County Party Chair must be a resident of Summit County, Utah and a registered Republican. The County Party Chair is elected at the County Organizing Convention.

 Duties of the Summit County Republican Party Chair:

  • Work toward the good of the party platform
  • Certify the results of any election
  • Certify precinct boundaries
  • Certify County and State delegate lists
  • Certify ballots and elections
  • Understand the party structure and know party rules
  • Recruit and groom candidates for local partisan elections
  • Encourage voter registration
  • Represent Summit County at regional and state party meetings
  • Act as a liaison between the County Party and State Party
  • Be a member of the State Central Committee
  • Be involved in fundraising
  • Call and chair County Executive Committee meetings
  • Call and chair County Central Committee meetings
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with the local media and represent the party to the media
  • Establish a budget and ensure that it is balanced
  • Handle the money provided by the State Republican Party
  • Take legal responsibility for County Party financial reporting
  • Prepare for and conduct the County Caucus
  • Prepare for and conduct the County Convention
  • Prepare for and conduct the County Organizing Convention
  • Build community within the County Party
  • Improve public perception of Republicans and maintain a positive outlook
  • Create committees and appoint their leaders
  • Develop short-term and long-term goals for the Party
  • Develop short-term and long-term plans to obtain goals
  • Accept and provide constructive criticism
  • Serve a 2-year term (from the date elected to the adjournment of the County Organizing Convention in which a new chair is elected)