County Secretary

The County Constitution states:

County Party Secretary - shall serve as the Secretary of the County Party, the County Central Committee and the County Convention. The Secretary shall provide timely notices of all meetings and take and maintain minutes and attendance records. The term of office shall be two years.


            The County Party Secretary handles the administrative work of the Party. This includes taking and maintaining official records for the Party. The Secretary must be very organized and have the ability to communicate well. The County Party Secretary must be a resident of Summit County, Utah and a registered Republican. The County Secretary is elected at the County Organizing Convention.

Duties of the Summit County Republican Party Secretary:

  • Work toward the good of the party platform
  • Understand the party structure and know party rules
  • Keep minutes of all meetings
  • Distribute minutes to Executive Committee members
  • Prepare meeting agendas
  • Notify all who should attend any meeting by the standards set forth in the County Constitution
  • Maintain the list of all Central Committee Members
  • Keep copies of all important documents and records
  • Maintain and distribute Party Calendar
  • Help to establish a budget
    • Serve a 2-year term (from the date elected to the adjournment of the County Organizing Convention in which a new chair is elected)