County Treasurer

The County Constitution states:

 County Party Treasurer - shall serve as the Treasurer of the County Party. The Treasurer shall keep and maintain financial records and file all financial reports required by state law. The term of office shall be two years.


            The County Party Treasurer is the responsible for maintaining the organization’s financial records and reporting to the County Central Committee on the financial position of the County Party. It is imperative to understand the filing requirements under Utah State Republican Party and Federal Finance Law. The County Party Treasurer must be a resident of Summit County, Utah and a registered Republican. The County Treasurer is elected at the County Organizing Convention.

Duties of the Summit County Republican Party Treasurer:

  • Oversee every dollar coming in or going out of the Party
  • Oversee all reporting stemming from cash flows to and from the Party
  • Ensure that all funds raised and expenditures made comply with Party rules, state and federal law
  • Oversee the development of the Party’s financial policies
  • Develop and prepare an annual budget
  • Compare actual revenues and expenses to the annual budget
  • Ensure transparency for fiscally related requests
  • Keep the Executive Committee regularly informed of important and significant financial events (including: income, debt, and large donations received and large upcoming expenditures)
  • Maintaining the County Party checkbook
  • Sign checks
  • Prepare financial statements
    • Serve a 2-year term (from the date elected to the adjournment of the County Organizing Convention in which a new chair is elected)