County Vice-Chair

The County Constitution states:

County Vice-Chair - shall serve as Vice-Chair of the County Party and as Vice-Chair of the County Central Committee. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair in his or her duties and perform the Chair’s duties in the Chair’s absence. The term of the office shall be two years


            The County Party Vice-Chair assists the County Party Chair in the administration of the County Party activities. The Vice-Chair must be ready, willing, and able to assume the leadership of the county party if the Chair is unable to execute his/her duties or complete the term of office. The Vice-Chair should have strong organizational, communication and time management skills. The County Party Vice-Chair must be a resident of Summit County, Utah and a registered Republican. The County Vice-Chair is elected at the County Organizing Convention.

 Duties of the Summit County Republican Party Vice-Chair:

  • Represent the County Republican Party to state elected officials
  • Work toward the good of the party platform
  • Preside over any meeting when the Chair is absent
  • Perform duties requested by the Chair
  • Represent the party at official events, meetings and rallies
  • Understand the party structure and know party rules
  • Respond to media requests in the event that the Chair is unavailable
  • Recruit and groom candidates for local partisan elections
  • Encourage voter registration
  • Represent Summit County at regional and state party meetings
  • Be a member of the State Central Committee
  • Be involved in fundraising
  • Build community within the County Party
  • Improve public perception of Republicans and maintain a positive outlook
  • Accept and provide constructive criticism
  • Help to establish a budget
    • Serve a 2-year term (from the date elected to the adjournment of the County Organizing Convention in which a new chair is elected)