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Summit County GOP Helps Small Businesses

Last year the Utah State Legislature passed HB 442, the new alcohol law, that is having a significant impact on bar and restaurant owners, in Summit County, and around the state.  You have probably seen signs in restaurants and bars stating that the establishment is licensed as a restaurant, not a bar, or is licensed as a bar and not a restaurant.  This is but one provision of HB 442 that, in part, requires owners of these establishments to declare by May of 2018 what their license type will be (restaurant or bar). 

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How Can You Help the Republican Party?

We are all busy with our families, work, hobbies and life in general.  Many of us get a lot of satisfaction volunteering and helping causes that are important to us.  Maybe politics isn’t your “thing” but there are few things that you can do that will affect so many aspects of your quality of life.  Politics, and the process of enacting and abolishing laws, can affect our health, finances, land, families and our beautiful state.  There are small things you can do to help your party and its leaders.  Please consider helping us or, at the very least, educate yourself on the issues and vote in every election.

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Traffic and Parking Issues

A core piece of the Summit County Republican Party’s platform is the support of businesses in Summit County, reducing Government intrusion on those businesses and on our Summit County citizens, and creating a positive business environment that meets the needs of our Summit County businesses and their employees.

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