Precinct Chair


            The Precinct Chair represents the smallest unit of the organization. The Precinct Chair's performance has a profound effect on the overall strength, influence and success of the County Party. Precinct Chairs must be residents of their voting precinct and be registered Republican voters. They are elected at the Summit County Republican Caucus and are part of the County Central Committee. The Precinct Chair is the representative of the Republican Party in each precinct.

Duties of a Precinct Chair:

  • Report to Regional Chair
  • Direct Party affairs within respective precincts
  • Organize and preside over their Precinct Caucus
  • Assist the campaigns of Republican nominees’ (candidates unopposed by other Republican candidates) campaigns. Distribute election related materials within the precinct on behalf of the Republican Party and its nominees at the request of the Executive Committee
  • Assist the Executive Committee in the recruitment of poll-watchers, election judges and volunteers
  • Maintain a list of volunteer workers with contact information and areas of expertise
  • Work with the Party's Leadership to train volunteers
  • Coordinate and supervise precinct volunteers
  • Organize and direct Get–Out-The-Vote (GOTV) programs.
  • Maintain and preserve organizational records, and be prepared to relinquish them to his or her successor
  • Attend County Central Committee meetings
  • Direct County fundraising programs in the Precinct and, together with the Precinct Treasurer, be responsible for all funds collected from precinct members
  • Serve the Party generally; with events and general operations, at the request of the Executive Committee
  • Participate in the governance of the County Party by faithfully attending meetings of which each Precinct Chair is a member. When unable to attend an official meeting, it is expected that the precinct chairman will notify the regional chairman or secretary in advance
  • Serve a 2-year term (from the date elected to the adjournment of the precinct caucus in which a new chair is elected)