Precinct Host Guide

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2018 Republican Party Caucuses Precinct Host Instructional Guide and Script

This Instructional Guide supplements the caucus rules adopted by the State Central Committee and details the handling of events at the caucuses. It provides language to assist in running the meeting and covering the agenda items required under the State Party’s governing documents. Please read through this entire guide prior to the meeting so you are comfortable with the procedure and are aware of the options available to you in running a more efficient meeting.

We begin with the opening of the Caucus:


Precinct Host:​ Welcome to the Utah State Republican Party Caucus for our neighborhood, Precinct ____. The boundaries for this precinct are shown on this map. Please check the map to be sure you are at the correct caucus. My name is _____ and I will be your Precinct Host for this meeting. I will run the meeting according to the agenda from the state party, and am responsible for returning the pertinent information back to the party leadership. The newly elected Precinct Chair will take office after the close of this meeting as prescribed in our Country Bylaws.

Rules for debate/speaking

Every participant has an opportunity to speak to an issue once before anyone else can speak twice. If time limits on debate/speaking become necessary they can be imposed by a majority vote of the participants.


Nominations for each of ice shall be take from the floor, in addition to those who pre-registered. Seconds are not necessary. Only participants may nominate. Only those qualified to participate may be nominated. A participant may self-nominate. A nominee need not be in attendance. The Precinct Host may close nominations for an of ice only when no further nominations are offered.


Candidate speeches for each of ice shall be limited to a total of three minutes per of ice or delegate seat, evenly divided among the candidates, whichever is greater, unless modified by a majority vote.

Disclosures of candidates with regard to platform planks, employment, personal views, support for individual candidates, etc. are in order.

Voting will be by secret ballot in contested races. In the event that three or more candidates are nominated for the same precinct of ice or the same delegate position, the caucus may use multiple ballots or preference voting to choose precinct officers or delegates.

Election results can be declared by acclamation if only one nominee is submitted for any given of ice. One ballot shall be made available to each participant for contested races. The Precinct Host shall announce the vote counts.

All elections shall be determined by majority vote. Ties shall be determined by a coin toss. Precinct Hosts shall designate two or more non-candidate ballot counters and inform each candidate they may provide a poll watcher. Violations of these procedural rules shall not be basis for challenging delegate credentials. This does not prohibit county parties from disciplining party officers for such violations.

The State Party recommends each County have a voting method that is fast, fair, and representative of the precinct.

Alternate delegates may be elected if allowed by the respective county party’s governing documents.

Before we take nominations for Precinct offices, I would like to introduce myself, as the Precinct Host. My name is _____________, I work for___________, and I have these interests:_____________. Let’s go around the room and have everyone give us their name, occupation and something of interest about themselves.

Nominations and elections

After intros, move to the Nomination and Election process. The Qualified Attendees may vote to eliminate candidates in some method after the first round. A majority vote would be required to adopt a method of elimination. Instant Runoff Voting or Preferential Voting is not permitted in the caucuses.

Next will be the elections of Precinct officers and delegates. We will distribute ballots to those with Qualified Attendee Cards. Please hold up your Card as we pass out the ballots. Thank you.

Now we will open nominations for precinct officers followed by state and county delegates. We will vote on each office separately. This enables those who do not initially prevail to try for another position. The first office open for nominations is the Precinct Chair. You must be a resident of this precinct, be affiliated with the Republican Party, and be at least 18 years of age at the time of the general election which is November, 2014. You may nominate The Duties of the Precinct Officers are as follows: See document Precinct Officer Duties

Election of Precinct Chair

Are there any nominations for Precinct Chair?

Write down the names on a chalk or whiteboard, or flip pad. You may record names below as well for your convenience.

Are there any further nominations for Precinct Chair?

If only one nomination is made, then state:

Since there are no further nominations for Precinct Chair, without objection, nominations will close. The Nominee ______, as the only candidate will be declared Precinct Chair by acclamation.

If there are more than one nomination, then state:

We will now hear from each of the nominees as to why they should be elected to Precinct Chair. Since we have ____ candidates, I propose that we allow _____ minutes for each candidate’s speech. (3 minutes total divided by the number of candidates)

If other times are suggested, take a vote on each time. Everyone votes for only one time and the one with the majority of the votes wins.

Is there a volunteer who will serve as timekeeper?

Assign the timekeeper position.

Thank you. We will hear from the candidates in the order they were nominated. We will begin with _________.

Allow 3 minutes for speeches.

We will now vote for Precinct Chair. Please write the names of your preferred candidate on the ballot provided. Write only one person’s name. We will collect the ballots in this box, which is currently empty.

Show them the box is empty.

Please place your ballot in the box. We have ____ qualified attendees who may vote tonight I have asked _______________________, ________________________ and ______________________ to count the ballots. They will do so at a table provided. 

When the results are ready, read each name in the order that they were nominated and the number of votes that they received. Then state the name of the winner.

Continue the process for Precinct Vice Chair, State Delegate, Alternate State Delegate, County Delegate, Alternate County Delegate