Roll Instructions

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Caucus Attendance Roll Instructions

1. Have a laptop or tablet stationed on the registration table with the supplied Precinct Caucus Voter Registration Spreadsheet. If a computer or electronic device is not available, a paper copy of the Voter registration spreadsheet can printed and used. This data will need to be entered into the digital spreadsheet immediately after Caucus.

2. Ask the Attendee for their drivers license or State approved I.D., locate them on the Voter registration spreadsheet, and verify the attendee is a Registered Republican. If they are not a registered Republican, ask them to change their affiliation by filling out a voter Registration form as a Republican. They must be a registered Republican voter before they can participate, nominate, vote, or be elected to any office. If the Attendee is not on the Voter spreadsheet but you can verify (Voter I.D. card etc.) that they reside within the Precinct and are a registered Republican, add them to the spreadsheet.

3. For all Attendees please verify and type in the following:
● Full Legal Name (name used to register to vote)
● Address
● Telephone Number
● Email of each attendee who is voting age (must be 18 years or older by the November general election).
NOTE: ​Name, address and telephone number are required to be seated as a State Delegate.
* ​Some people may receive mail at PO Boxes. In those instances, write in the PO boxes and home address.

4. Mark appropriate box with an X where attendee has been elected to any precinct office.