Traffic and Parking Issues

A core piece of the Summit County Republican Party’s platform is the support of businesses in Summit County, reducing Government intrusion on those businesses and on our Summit County citizens, and creating a positive business environment that meets the needs of our Summit County businesses and their employees.

We believe that the decision that the Park City Council has made to turn the China Bridge parking garage into a pay facility does not well support the Park City and Summit County residents, and does not support the needs of businesses on Main Street, or their employees.  We would support further analysis to determine the specific needs and behavior patterns for Park City/Summit County citizens as well as the employees of businesses in Park City, so that a more rational approach can be designed to take care of the needs of local citizens and employees while also addressing the need to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic in Park City, while maintaining a revenue stream afforded Park City through parking charges.

One approach that we advocate is to consider making the China Bridge parking facility a Residents & Employees Only parking facility.  Residents would purchase annual parking stickers for an agreed-upon fee, and the stickers would allow residents automated access to the China Bridge garage, as well as street parking on Main Street.  Employees of businesses would purchase their stickers through their employers.  Parking rates for other garages in the City, and for on-street parking should be raised significantly (e.g. $20/hour), as a deterrent for visitors/tourists to drive their personal automobiles into the city.  Concurrently, the city and county should establish free park & ride lots in the Kimball Junction area and on Kearns Blvd near the junction of US 40, with free express bus service to the bases of all the ski areas, and to the transit center in the city.  This should have the effect of significantly reducing the number of tourist automobiles driving into the city, while providing assured access to parking for residents and employees. 

The Summit County Republican Party believes that this is the kind of approach Government should be taking, where actions are taken to benefit local citizens and employees, which will better support our businesses, which in turn will allow our businesses to better serve our tourism industry.

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