How Can You Help the Republican Party?

We are all busy with our families, work, hobbies and life in general.  Many of us get a lot of satisfaction volunteering and helping causes that are important to us.  Maybe politics isn’t your “thing” but there are few things that you can do that will affect so many aspects of your quality of life.  Politics, and the process of enacting and abolishing laws, can affect our health, finances, land, families and our beautiful state.  There are small things you can do to help your party and its leaders.  Please consider helping us or, at the very least, educate yourself on the issues and vote in every election.

County Executive Committee:  Every county party has an executive committee consisting of a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.  In addition, there is an elected representative from each region in Summit County.  In our county, there are four regions:  North Summit, South Summit, Park City, and Snyderville. 

Executive committee positions are best for those persons who want to be very involved in county and state politics.  These members are required to attend meetings that are held regularly during the month, and sometimes weekly before a big event.  These people are also required to make numerous phone calls several times a year to notify precinct chairs, vice-chairs, and voters in their regions of upcoming events.

                  There are many benefits to being involved in the executive committee if you are interested in politics or are considering becoming more involved in the future (run for office).  There are opportunities to meet many people in the community, make connections and help others understand the political process.  This is a two-year term commitment and re-election is possible.

State Delegates:  Every county has a specific number of state delegates that are sent to the state convention held in Salt Lake City. State delegates are elected the night of the county caucus.  Each precinct is usually allowed at least one delegate and an alternate unless attendance is low and some precincts have to be combined; other precincts are allotted several delegates and alternates.

                  State delegates must be prepared to attend the State Convention in the spring and should find out the date of the convention on caucus night (make sure to put it on your calendar right away).  Convention attendance and candidate vetting is their duty. If a county has any number of state delegates missing at the state convention it may lose some of its allotted delegates going forward and thus, have less voice at the state level. This is a two-year commitment and may be reelected.

County Delegates:  Every precinct is also allowed to elect at least once county delegate and alternate on caucus night; some precincts are allowed several county delegates.  The county delegates are required to attend the county convention and special meetings that the chairperson of the county may feel is needed.  Their purpose is to elect county candidates and It is important for the delegates to attend the meetings so a quorum is met so the items on the agenda can go to a vote.  This is a two-year commitment and may be reelected.

Precinct Chairperson and Vice Chairperson:  Each precinct elects a chairperson and vice chairperson on caucus night.  These people may also be state delegates, county delegates or alternates. The main duty of people in these positions is to implement the voting and election on caucus night.  They are also required to attend training sessions for caucus night to become familiar with the process.  Other duties include making phone calls notifying their precinct members of events.  This is a two-year commitment and may be reelected.

County Convention:  The county holds a convention in the spring, usually a few weeks before the state convention.  At this convention the business of the county party is conducted.  Elections may be held for the executive committee, other various Republican county offices or candidates, as well as votes on rules and amendments.  There are many opportunities for helping at the convention.  We need people to register the central committee members, say the invocation, lead the Pledge of Allegiance, introduce speakers, help count votes as well as set up and clean up.

Caucus Night:  The County Caucus night is a very busy night and many helping hands are needed.  Each region (North Summit, South Summit, Park City, Snyderville) has its own caucus location and volunteers are needed at each place. Several volunteers work work the registration table. There is also a voter registration table for people new to the county.  Volunteers are needed to set up these tables with computers and direct traffic.  During the general meeting there are opportunities to offer the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.  When voters break into their precincts, there may are opportunities to help the precinct chair and vice chair. There is a need for people to witness the counting of the votes and verify the results.

Parades, County Fair, and other Party Events:  Throughout the year there are many events where volunteers of all ages and skills are needed.  Kids love to decorate and ride on parade floats.  It is fun to staff the Republican booth at the Summit County Fair and meet with constituents.  There are also many fundraising events that need set up and take down, introductions for speakers, invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, decorating, advertising, photography, catering, serving, check-in, greeting and various other duties. There is always a need to help candidates knock on doors, make phone calls and sign petitions.


                  Now that you are aware of some of the ways you can help – how do you get involved? Sign up on the website. Attend the County Caucus or County Convention and volunteer for a position.  We are excited to meet you!

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